Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Why are we on a tropical island?

First night out since my surgery. Options are:

1. Take it easy, I'm out of practice, drinks are going to hurt.
2. Sod that, I'm from the North.

One bottle of my favourite poorly disguised Southern Comfort knock off later, and option 2 was no longer option 2, but reality.

No, I did not drink the entire bottle myself, I'm from Newcastle, not Glasgow. Partners in crime for this occasion being Chris and Erminia. Breed 77 Karaoke is becoming a highlight of my evening on Saturday. Note to readers, Chris cannot sing. What I do is actually considered a warcrime. Poor, poor Min. And Paul, Pedro, Danny, Stu and Oscar, if you ever ever read this, we're truly sorry for what we do to your music (Pete too I suppose).

After being forced to listen to Placebo in my own home, we decided we should probably not leave Dale in the cold any longer. Poor baby.

We met a shivering and confused Dale at the bus stop, and headed out to meet Ben and crew for some drinks as Ben is now old. After making the sensible decision of downing a treble whiskey and coke, it was straight to Krash, minus...everyone but Ben. How does that work?

Anyways, after being generous on the door, theres not an awful lot I remember of the evening. I spent £50 on what I can only assume was drinks for everyone. I must've downed every damn jagerbomb I bought, as eveytime I went to take a drink I ended up on the dance floor. I know for a fact I bought Marc a drink, and that doesn't happen. Ever. Thanks for an excellent night, to all who were there, even If i don't remember seeing you. Im sure it wouldn't have been the same without you...kind of. I'm actually not really sure of much anymore, but that's for another time.

We just managed to make it to the bus, which I'm informed was packed with people I know. It could've been full the brim with shurikens and lightning for all I remember. Conversations at subways can go on for a lengthy time when you're so drunk you can barely walk, and luckily with this one involving the middle Clements brother, Im glad I barely remember.

The next day was less glorious, but I'll tell you  one thing I've learned, if you're ever going to be naked and vomit on yourself, do it in the shower.

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