Sunday, 10 October 2010

Persistant Symptoms Or; The Curious Case of Oh Fuck I'm Deaf

Waking up is becoming akin to the worlds shittest lottery. Yesterday, incapacitating pain. Today my volume has been stolen.

Being roughly 80% deaf pretty much sucks. I'll move my head, something will shift, and I'll hear a word then miss the sentence as my ears decide they hate me again. This has yet to turn into any sitcom moments but there's plenty o' time.

I'm assured this is a common problem associated with trapped nerves and swelling and what not, and that it will go away eventually. It best do, or I'm buying some grease and selling my clothes.

On a related note, I am really appreciating my friends. They're pretty much ceaselessly looking after me, comforting me, and still, when necessary, reminding me that I'm a whiney Bitch.

Except you Zapps, you're just in it for the PS3.

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