Monday, 11 October 2010

Ice Cream and Children

In light of the title, I feel compelled to swiftly clarify that this is most certainly not a post about grooming tips.
It is however, about the fact that my visitor stream seems to be two at a time, in this episode, Jake & Lucy.
I really am getting rather used to people coming to give me sympathy, and it's delicious.

As usual, the day began with what can only be described as...fuck it, you think of a metaphor for extremely sore throat, I'm done. I should note that this was about 1 o'clock pm, as I found it very difficult to get to sleep.

Got showered etc to avoid the aforementioned bear problem, and went downstairs to make a bowl of my favourite paste-like substitute for actual nutrition: Bird's Semolina. I actually love this stuff, and did before this whole caper, and I cannot fathom why people are put of by its mild-adhesive like appearance. Well, ok, it looks foul, I get it, but as with anything that doesn't look so appetising it's much better covered in golden syrup (One imagines Sarah Jessica Parker is probably exempt from this rule...).

Warmed and passably nourished, I sat down to write most of yesterdays blog, but found myself distracted by a website whose rules strictly prevent me from informing you of which internet site I'm not allowed to inform you of. It turns out there's not only so much cats in boxes you can look at.

Next on my itinerary of geek was more Ratchet and Clank, and to my surprise and mild horror I found I was enjoying playing as Clank...I think I'm broken. However, this was abrubtly interrupted (I say abruptly, but obviously "Just one more Level! Syndrome kicked in") by the arrival of  Jake & Lucy.

I reinstate my earlier advice of "go forth and aquire a serious injury", because:

  • The morphine is really worth it
  • People give you presents
So far, every woman I've encountered since I became bereft of my tonsils has given my gifts, and thankfully Lucy was no exception. No tonsils, check. Ok, so paracetamol, ice cream, a load of chomps, and Pineapple Express to watch make Lucy a very good guest. Everyone is being wonderful¹.

We geeked about, and caught up etc, ate ice cream (see, it's relevant), and somehow got on to talking baby names. I would like to inform you all now, that Lucy and I are having children (how we're obtaining them is to be determined). We're naming them Isaac, and Isobella (to be shortened to nothing but Izzy). Sorry to anybody this may disappoint on either side. And I told you this wasn't about paedophiles.

In short order Lucy had to leave to obtain her delicious noodles from home, so Jake and Myself needed to cook food. Let me remind you, that he came to visit me because I'm in a right state and need looking after by my friends. I cooked him his fucking tea. As usual. Basically what I'm trying to say is, Jake, I love you, but for fucks sake.

We talked shit for a while, then he left for home due to him having to travel quite a distance (ok say you can get points for actually making it here i s'pose.) Finished yesterday's blog, then I tried to sleep, and I couldn't.
Luckily, there's a certain insomniac who kept me amused 'till the small hours, with tumblr, and d'awh.

Sleep followed, which, as usual wasn't eventful, and so ended Sunday.

A thank you to all of thee who are reading this, anyone that doesn't have an account should get one and comment me, as I'm a being of ego and this would help motivate me. If you'll excuse me now, I've just had a somewhat brilliant idea and I'm off to draw some ninjas...

¹ In case any of you were wondering "what did Jake bring you?"
  Lucy. I am entirely convinced he could've convinced Jesus that Disneyland was a shithole, and that he should be holidaying in Auschwitz.

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