Sunday, 28 November 2010

Well Haven't I Been Lazy?

There's been an awful lack of blog recently. For this I apologise. Well, if you care that there's been lack of blog I apologise. But anyway, on to what I've been up to, which honestly isn't an awful lot.

I've been hanging out with friends I rarely see more frequently, which in and of itself is a big win. I've been eating a lot more sushi too. Also good.

Recently I've been bullied into watching Misfits, and for this I am eternally grateful. If you don't enjoy the idea of super-powered young offenders with ASBO's and some severe personality disorders then I'm afraid I must no longer consider you a friend.

Musically life's been different too. Daniel is slowly taking over all of my taste in music. I'm not sure how I feel about this. It's one of the few differences between us, and I actually fear we may become some form of gestalt super entity. Live in fear Earth. Also in the vein of music, I saw 30 Seconds To Mars last night, and unsurprisingly they were incredible. The shocker being I also saw Enter Shikari, who I do not like, and my mind was blown. Turns out they put on an incredible live show. Very impressed I was. I hate being wrong.

In cinema news, I recently saw part one of part seven of Harry Potter. I was very, very impressed with it. The tone is right for the film, everything has the same bleak feel to it, it has the sense of gloom and imminent doom that one imagines holidaying in Chernobyl may bring about. Another thing I loved about it is that all three of the leads can actually act now. Dear Miss Watson, it's been a long journey, but I am very glad you stuck with it. Oh, and that red dress. Oh that red dress.

Being as I am from the North, it's now that the weather turns and we cry about it, but not I. There's about two feet of snow in my back garden right now, and I love it. Next snowfall I think I will have to construct more children from snow a la last year. This year I think filling the park's a good idea.

Since I haven't really been up to much else, I think I'll leave it at that, time to be a massive geek and paint some robots.

Wait no, I beat House to a diagnosis. Life complete.

Thursday, 18 November 2010

My friends

I love them. Lots.
If they got petrified would I fuck wait for the mandrakes to grow. I'd fucking buy some, I'm not a cheapskate and deus ex machina doesn't feature highly on my list of important things.

Have this,

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Drink, Food, more Food, there best be Drink soon...

Pretty much all I have done for the past week. Besides...oh wait that started with food.

Minn, Tash, Myself, Sushi. Cheap sushi. Brilliant evening planned. Brilliant evening was had. Though now somehow I have to race through the Harry Potter films before the new release.

And then there was Jen, who, for some reason, can instantly persuade me that pints in Trillians after work are a good idea, when the rational mind knows they are not. Only this time they were, as they were free. Being the very occasional idiot that I am, I had forgotten my wallet. Jennifer offers to buy my drinks.

Jennifer, in case you don't get how much I appreciate you in general, I love you. Lots. Moving on.
We sat, and we drank and we made merry, and casually avoided catastrophe. 5 pints later, and thoroughly grateful Michael is informed it's time to go home (6 pints leeds to oblivion usually). At some point on the way home, I promised to pay back that which I owed lest a Merchant of Venice-esque scenario occur.

Paying back things is something I'm rather fond of, as despite my general nature I hate freeloading. So, it was time for more sushi. I discovered a little wierd pocket-of-rice thing that apparently I'd be able to eat my weight in. Oh, and Jen loves sushi. In the same way that Elvis loved anything labeled "may cause eventual death on a toilet". I was in fact extremely impressed.

Another bit of adventure this week, as I went to Wagamama's for the first time. The food I enjoyed, the place and the service, not so much. And as final note I'd just like to say I am rather sick of hearing " I hope we don't see anyone we know." You make it sound like we're out murdering the elderly, or worse, doing charity work.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

A conclusion of sorts

Right, part two is going to be brief, as I cannot think of much at all to write.

I met some new folks, though I do apologise to them for anything I may have done/said/caused that may have offended them and/or caused them serious injury or death. I was really very drunk. I should get that tattooed on me as a permanent disclaimer.

I got shit scared at the bar as I realised I was being glared at by a very angry looking man dressed as a mummy, only to have him shout at me "PENNER IT'S MECKS YOU TIT!". I've never been more relieved on a night out.

I also remember a moment of disgusting cliché with regards to somebody dressed as Leonidus. I'm actually ashamed of myself. First time this year. Not bad going. I don't remember getting home on halloween at all.

Apparently I shared a taxi with Daniel and a nice girl we had just met that evening. Min being the subtle creature she is nicknamed her Ramona. Oh, and Daniel was dressed as Scott Pilgrim.

Upon arriving home, we decided toast was a good idea. After happily throwing my crusts into the sink, it was time to sleep. Before bed however, I made sure I collected something to prevent my floor being more ruined, as I had gleefully and correctly prophesised I was going to end the wonderful evening with a bout of violent vomiting.

I rarely wish I was wrong.

And mostly I'm not.

Monday, 1 November 2010

All Hallows Eve 2010: Dances with Hobgoblin.

First off, thank you to anyone who's been pressuring me to write, I've been rather lazy of late, your threats are appreciated.

As you may or may not be able to tell from the title, this one's going to be about Halloween. If you couldn't tell, please leave me your name, and address, along with a note to never speak to you again.

It began this year with a mad dash into Newcastle town centre itself, with Miss Milne for company, in order to procure the last minute touches to the costume. It turned out to not be much of a costume, more of an undead makeover, thank you very much Lou. I will say this one last time, you are a life saving babe, and that's that.

After introducing Charli to some of the sandwich based delights of Newcastle, and another quick couple of errands it was time to head home, upon which I realised I would be alone for an hour. I hate being alone, so now was time to drink. Yes drink, nothing else. You foul people. I should point out that at this time it was 3:45 pm.
This is normal for The North, we've been trhough this.

Some bored facebooking led to an unexpected win, in that Vicki, whom I very rarely get to see wished to visit. With Ale. I would call this a victory. Daniel then arrived, and the murderous rage that I seem to slowly sink into every time im left alone began to subside. I think that might be a problem in itself but hell, it'll be something to write about.

It was at this point that drinking really started, going through five pints of my favourite mythological creature inspired beer. Cracking open the Deep South seemed like a good idea at this point, but as usual with almost all of our ideas which involve Deep South, it was not. This is where my memory of the evening starts to get confused. Six PM folks, and it's already clouded. I know who ended up at mine, but not in what order. Except that Vicki was next. Followed at some point each by Josh, Lou, David, Charli, Amber, and Erminia.

After struggling to sit still and have makeup applied, I ended up looking pretty damn dead. Mission accomplished. After some more drinking, finished our bottle of SoCo knock off, and some extremely ill advised shots of sambuca, Min and I stole a lift into Newcastle, and abandoned the others to the hell that is public transport. Sorry. I can only beg your forgiveness.

Upon arriving at Krash I discovered to no surprise at all that almost everyone was out. We do almost nothing for Christmas, but missing Halloween is considered as bad as genocide.

The younger folks were out in force, all of them having made a fantastic effort with the costumes, top form gals. It was also good this week to see more of you as seperate entities, not the terrifying hive-mind that I'm usually presented with. Though I am thoroughly blaming you for the amount of money I spent, which was frankly shocking. Oh, and just because I promised you'd be in this, your costume rocked Eve.

I think I've decided this is enough for one block, stay tuned for part two, where Michael is attacked by serial killers, the embalmed, and teen wizards. Oh, and I made some friends, which is totally predictable.