Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Drink, Food, more Food, there best be Drink soon...

Pretty much all I have done for the past week. Besides...oh wait that started with food.

Minn, Tash, Myself, Sushi. Cheap sushi. Brilliant evening planned. Brilliant evening was had. Though now somehow I have to race through the Harry Potter films before the new release.

And then there was Jen, who, for some reason, can instantly persuade me that pints in Trillians after work are a good idea, when the rational mind knows they are not. Only this time they were, as they were free. Being the very occasional idiot that I am, I had forgotten my wallet. Jennifer offers to buy my drinks.

Jennifer, in case you don't get how much I appreciate you in general, I love you. Lots. Moving on.
We sat, and we drank and we made merry, and casually avoided catastrophe. 5 pints later, and thoroughly grateful Michael is informed it's time to go home (6 pints leeds to oblivion usually). At some point on the way home, I promised to pay back that which I owed lest a Merchant of Venice-esque scenario occur.

Paying back things is something I'm rather fond of, as despite my general nature I hate freeloading. So, it was time for more sushi. I discovered a little wierd pocket-of-rice thing that apparently I'd be able to eat my weight in. Oh, and Jen loves sushi. In the same way that Elvis loved anything labeled "may cause eventual death on a toilet". I was in fact extremely impressed.

Another bit of adventure this week, as I went to Wagamama's for the first time. The food I enjoyed, the place and the service, not so much. And as final note I'd just like to say I am rather sick of hearing " I hope we don't see anyone we know." You make it sound like we're out murdering the elderly, or worse, doing charity work.

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  1. I promised to pay back that which I owed lest a labatterie scenario occur.