Sunday, 28 November 2010

Well Haven't I Been Lazy?

There's been an awful lack of blog recently. For this I apologise. Well, if you care that there's been lack of blog I apologise. But anyway, on to what I've been up to, which honestly isn't an awful lot.

I've been hanging out with friends I rarely see more frequently, which in and of itself is a big win. I've been eating a lot more sushi too. Also good.

Recently I've been bullied into watching Misfits, and for this I am eternally grateful. If you don't enjoy the idea of super-powered young offenders with ASBO's and some severe personality disorders then I'm afraid I must no longer consider you a friend.

Musically life's been different too. Daniel is slowly taking over all of my taste in music. I'm not sure how I feel about this. It's one of the few differences between us, and I actually fear we may become some form of gestalt super entity. Live in fear Earth. Also in the vein of music, I saw 30 Seconds To Mars last night, and unsurprisingly they were incredible. The shocker being I also saw Enter Shikari, who I do not like, and my mind was blown. Turns out they put on an incredible live show. Very impressed I was. I hate being wrong.

In cinema news, I recently saw part one of part seven of Harry Potter. I was very, very impressed with it. The tone is right for the film, everything has the same bleak feel to it, it has the sense of gloom and imminent doom that one imagines holidaying in Chernobyl may bring about. Another thing I loved about it is that all three of the leads can actually act now. Dear Miss Watson, it's been a long journey, but I am very glad you stuck with it. Oh, and that red dress. Oh that red dress.

Being as I am from the North, it's now that the weather turns and we cry about it, but not I. There's about two feet of snow in my back garden right now, and I love it. Next snowfall I think I will have to construct more children from snow a la last year. This year I think filling the park's a good idea.

Since I haven't really been up to much else, I think I'll leave it at that, time to be a massive geek and paint some robots.

Wait no, I beat House to a diagnosis. Life complete.

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