Monday, 1 November 2010

All Hallows Eve 2010: Dances with Hobgoblin.

First off, thank you to anyone who's been pressuring me to write, I've been rather lazy of late, your threats are appreciated.

As you may or may not be able to tell from the title, this one's going to be about Halloween. If you couldn't tell, please leave me your name, and address, along with a note to never speak to you again.

It began this year with a mad dash into Newcastle town centre itself, with Miss Milne for company, in order to procure the last minute touches to the costume. It turned out to not be much of a costume, more of an undead makeover, thank you very much Lou. I will say this one last time, you are a life saving babe, and that's that.

After introducing Charli to some of the sandwich based delights of Newcastle, and another quick couple of errands it was time to head home, upon which I realised I would be alone for an hour. I hate being alone, so now was time to drink. Yes drink, nothing else. You foul people. I should point out that at this time it was 3:45 pm.
This is normal for The North, we've been trhough this.

Some bored facebooking led to an unexpected win, in that Vicki, whom I very rarely get to see wished to visit. With Ale. I would call this a victory. Daniel then arrived, and the murderous rage that I seem to slowly sink into every time im left alone began to subside. I think that might be a problem in itself but hell, it'll be something to write about.

It was at this point that drinking really started, going through five pints of my favourite mythological creature inspired beer. Cracking open the Deep South seemed like a good idea at this point, but as usual with almost all of our ideas which involve Deep South, it was not. This is where my memory of the evening starts to get confused. Six PM folks, and it's already clouded. I know who ended up at mine, but not in what order. Except that Vicki was next. Followed at some point each by Josh, Lou, David, Charli, Amber, and Erminia.

After struggling to sit still and have makeup applied, I ended up looking pretty damn dead. Mission accomplished. After some more drinking, finished our bottle of SoCo knock off, and some extremely ill advised shots of sambuca, Min and I stole a lift into Newcastle, and abandoned the others to the hell that is public transport. Sorry. I can only beg your forgiveness.

Upon arriving at Krash I discovered to no surprise at all that almost everyone was out. We do almost nothing for Christmas, but missing Halloween is considered as bad as genocide.

The younger folks were out in force, all of them having made a fantastic effort with the costumes, top form gals. It was also good this week to see more of you as seperate entities, not the terrifying hive-mind that I'm usually presented with. Though I am thoroughly blaming you for the amount of money I spent, which was frankly shocking. Oh, and just because I promised you'd be in this, your costume rocked Eve.

I think I've decided this is enough for one block, stay tuned for part two, where Michael is attacked by serial killers, the embalmed, and teen wizards. Oh, and I made some friends, which is totally predictable.

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