Sunday, 10 October 2010

With Friends Like These,

Who Needs Enemies? Anything Else.

Pretty much sums up the post.

Yesterday Zapps and Minn came over, in what I am thinking of as "The Saturday Night Salvage Mission".
I'm not allowed to go into crowded places (in case of : infections/breathing difficulties/somebody recognising me), therefore the usual Saturday of getting blitzed in Newcastle was a big no, and I imagined I'd be facing my computer screen for countless lonely hours before passing out on my bed, thank Christ I was wrong. Zapps agreed to come see me so I was less pathetic and alone, and because he quite fancied playing Ratchet and Clank some more (you know it's the truth, so don't pretend you're offended).

I busied myself with getting cleaned up, and medicating myself heavily so that I could resemble a woken-from-hibernation-too-early bear as little as possible, and had a nice shower (approximate time 1/10 shy of 10 seconds), and waited to not be alone on a Saturday night.

I miss the doorbell which failed to go off, as it was more than likely manufactured by underpaid Korean children, and I'm only alerted to the fact there's someone outside by the incessant howling of my otherwise useless dogs. Answering the door, I discover predictably Zapps is there, unexpectedly with a sideorder of Minn. DOUBLE CEREAL PRIZE!

Pizza and a movie was the next item on the menu, with the slight distraction of Minn giving my Mother a hug,(quite frankly, I'd rather roll in bees), and us trying to teach our recently aquired avian how to say "tits". Garlic bread was devoured, which in retrospect was such a stupid decision it left me wondering how I manage to dress myself. My throat this morning felt like I'd swallowed a porcupine covered in fibre glass. Today I've eaten things based on wether you could use them to stick wallpaper up.

Moving on, we watched Lords of Dogtown, which was an adventure for Minn, who'd yet to see it. Obviously, since she's not thoroughly shit she enjoyed it.

Blurry eyed at this point, bed was necesary, so after hugs, goodbyes, and grooming, Minn went home, and then today was here.

Daniel had stayed over. Daniel is now nearly finished Ratchet and Clank. He didn't sleep very much. This is one of the things I most admire about him, his absolute the absolute wrong things.

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  1. If your pet bird says tits, I want it to come over to my house when I have a kid, and make my child's first word tits...but...with an avian inflection.