Saturday, 16 October 2010

Old Friends

Alcohol has been gone. I'm going to attempt to bring it back today. My throat is feeling an awful lot better, I'm still in the same considerable amount of pain, however I'm in it without medication, which can most definately be seen as progress. This is why I've decided that Alcohol can come back, I've missed it.

Going out is still a most definate no, as I thoroughly do not want to become a walking infection right now. Mostly out of fear of becoming Patient Zero of the Z-pocalypse (patient One always seemed a more apropriate moniker, but hell, it's not for me to decide), but also because I really just don't feel up to it.

I had a lovely time last eve with Charli, we spent it swinging away our troubles and worrying horses, it was somewhat poetic. The specifics of the conversation however [ RECORDS DELETED BY THE INQUISITION]

Today however, I'm sat at home, recently cleaned, wondering wether I should risk an Indians. Im off to cook some chicken based nutrition now, so its time to say goodbye, slam on some Pendulum, and set the volume to "melt furniture".

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