Friday, 22 October 2010

Of herbs and failed caramel.

I have just ran into something I cannot cook : confectionary. Herbs have nothing to do with it really, but who can grab the reference?

Anyways, that's besides the point, I SUCK at cooking with sugar. I'm not used to this. I usually succeed in creating something resembling what it's supposed to be everytime, but praline apparently has evaded me.
I'm gonna nail it next time. With nuts. Yeah.

In other news, I am the greatest friend ever. Consider if you will, that I gave someone a ball of fat as a gift and they were overjoyed.  Admittedly it was an Adipose, and they're fairly fucking cool, but still, I'm awesome.
Ego trip over. By the way, to the Death. This blog is probably going to end up filled with in jokes, and sci-fi/geek references. If you spot a reference, comment and ask, and I'll congratulate or mock you.

Plans for adventures on the weekend include : Sleeping, Drinking, Sleeping. It is great to have alcohol back, in the same way it's great seeing an old friend, but an old friend that you remember you fucking hate, but don't quite want to cut out of your life. If you know what I mean. Hangovers that feel as if you've been super-effectively critically hit by a freight train full of whales are not a pleasant companion on Sunday morning.

Halloween is looming, and I am predicting an epic night due to Krash being open till 4 as it's after pay day, and the clocks going back an hour, so we'll effectively be dressed up like twats, mortal drunk until 5 in the morning, and everyone is going out.  I'm afraid I'll be cheaping out and going as a zombie, unless somebody wants to donate there face for my buffallo bill costume...just kidding, the kids in the basement will do.

Oh, and you're my bitch tommorow night.

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