Sunday, 17 October 2010

Musings on Ego, or; For Christ's sake go home!

Sometimes, I get too egotistical, a flaw I share with some most almost all of my friends. The cause of it this time, is actually this. This blog, right here, is to blame, and all of you who read it.

Since starting it, I've had nothing nothing but positive feedback, people telling me they've been genuinely laughing at it etc, and it's starting to make me think I might be a decent writer ( I mean genuinely think, naturally I already assumed I'm just brilliant).

People have actually been starting conversations with me based on what I've written, less than an hour after I've posted, harrassing me to write more, and making the effort to keep up with it. My favourite, and probably most worrying comment so far being, and I do quote "I'm following it now like some creepy stalker :3". Cheers for that, now draw me a damn ninja.

With regards to the alternate title, it's really more of an extension of the first half. Minn has spent practically her entire weekend here, due almost certainly to the fact that I'm a brilliant human being, and that there's no better option. This is mostly what's fueling my ego right now.

My house is free now, so you get another entry to my ongoing saga, you lucky people.
Join the hell up and leave me comments now to keep the furnace alight, you disobediant fucks.

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