Tuesday, 19 October 2010

How I love Anteaters.

Having nothing to blog about, I'm going to rant about how awesome anteaters are. You know in Jurassic Park, when they rant about the raptor's sickle claw (and somehow, eveyones got one), and how it disembowels people left right and centre? Triple that, and you're close to an Anteaters foreclaws. They use these things to batter their way through feet of baked clay. And to kill Zookeepers. Look it up. They're deadly.

You ever seen an animal with a tube for a face, and a tongue that would embarass Gene Simmons? Anteater's have that nailed down. Who needs a mouth, or  teeth, when you can mush 20,000 ants with the inside of your tube-face?

Another thing which makes anteaters awesome, is the fact that they eat ants. They're the size of bears. They eat ants.

They have giant toilet brushes for tails, and they don't even look real, in short, giant anteaters are the coolest animals on earth.

I'd love to own an anteater. I can imagine it would make me happy for a very long amount of time.

But for now I'll take this.

If you've been meaning to tell someone something then do, they may need to hear it as much as you needed to say it.

I liked the anteater diversion though.

And in case you haven't figured, yeah, there's lots to blog about, but that's mine.

Maybe later guys.

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