Thursday, 14 October 2010

Laziness Defeated: Level Up!

Since I missed a day I decided I really needed to kick laziness in the crotch, so here goes another entry of "what the hell Penner's been doin'. "

First up was Darren's birthday. Which was an experience. I've never before gone out when people where drinking and not had a drop of alcohol. It quite enjoyed it, but not in the usual, people-are-mortal-and-I'm-sober, and thus they're idiots and I can mock them, but because people werent really drunk, so everything was relaxed and chatty. Apart from Minn, who is positively evil. It's your fault people ask the question. All your's.

After a group of folks who I like arrived (One of the few gatherings where I actually liked everyone present), Crazy Bald John (who is indeed crazy, bald, and John) arrived, whom I did not know. I like Crazy Bald John.
I like most people who make me laugh.

We shortly left the Powder Monkey to head to the Dorset, and I decided a catch up with my dear friend Hannah was in order. I dislike being wrong, I dislike it intensely. Hannah, you're a bad man.

In due course we arrived at our destination, and the pool began. I do not play pool, and so surprisingly enough, I did not play pool. I sat and laughed as people got more intoxicated and attempted to play pool. Except Ken, who got off a magnificently flukey trick shot, rebounding off three cushions, and hitting the ball at the most impossible looking angle and still pocketing it. Bravo Mr Sir.

Comedy discussions are always best a little over the limit, and somehow we got swung onto the topic of "What if Arnie starred in everything?" Daniel owned the night in one phrase: Wingardium Leviosa. Just say it, imagine it, treasure it, a classic that never was.

Little else stood out, however I did laugh aplenty, causing me much enjoyment and pain, and soon enough it was time to go home. By the end of the night I had literally been asked by all involved what was going on, except Andy, who, in true drunken fashion, simply assumed and refused to be corrected. Congratulations Minn, and it still didn't work, so you deal with him.

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