Saturday, 25 December 2010

Christmas Eve

I'm well aware it's Christmas, I never do things on time though.

Yesterday was christmas Eve (naturally seeing as how time and that works), and there was a gathering of old pals in the pub. I hadn't seen some of them in over a year, and my reaction to seeing them again shocked me, based the realisation on how much I had missed each of them.

This reaction was dependant on the person, but it turns out I'd missed some of my friends far more than I thought I had, and other's far, far less. It was pointed out to my be one of the missed, that the unmissed simply haven't changed. More to the point they haven't done anything. They still just discuss exactly the same things we did in school, the same things we joked about, the same stories etc, etc, etc. It's been 3 years since we left, and they've done nothing at all worthy of talking about? That or they're just dull. Either way, I was disappointed that I'd gotten excited to see folks only to feel so apathetic at the reality.

On the flipside of that argument, I REALLY missed some of my friends, and what's worse is I've no excuse for having not seen some of them. They live within walking distance. I am useless. Anyway, as opposed to reminiscing, we sat and discussed new interests, including a rather unexpected turn of intense geekery which pleased me to no end, latest activities, plans for the future, and generally ripped thie piss out of each other. Mostly me with regards to my questionable activities with women of late. Oh and there was that thing about someone putting there arms inside sheep.

It's coming up New Year, and hopefully I'll start updating this thing more often, and keep it up to date. I'll do christmas tommorow hopefully. Then I might do asshat christmas retroactively. Or I'll sit and drink myself to oblivion, it is fucking Christmas.

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  1. It turns out I'd missed some of my friends far more than I thought I had, and other's far labatterie far less.