Tuesday, 11 January 2011

A Dark Apocalyptic Vision

Fleeting is how all of my desires, wants and needs seem to have been for the past couple o' weeks. I seem to have been really motivated, by about a billion different things*, my drive for things is very high, and that's quite unlike me.

I've decided beer is no longer allowed in my life, as I'm making a genuine push towards getting fit again (it's wierd how progression in this case is going backwards), and it's in no way helpful. Beer is a bad friend. Wise as ever, I've decided to replace it with Vodka. Dirt-cheap, could-be-used-to-clean-toilets Vodka. It's £4 for 1/3 litre, and it comes in a pouch. It's like Capri-Sun for the sauce dependant. I honestly believe this was a low point of my life. On the flip side of that, it's only the start of the year, so things have to get better right? Right...that's how it works isn't it?

Despite reminding me of industrial cleaning fluid, it went down easy enough with coke (Zero, health remember?), and served it's purpose, that of hitting my better judgment with a sledgehammer and telling it to get the hell out for the night. At Sean's behest we were at the one night only of Revolution at the Academy. Sean rarely makes good plans. He doesn't think logically, or tactfully. This was essentially his "The Art of War". Everyone had a brilliant night. Liv stole my clothing. I danced my face off with Chloe. Yet again Eve decided that standing was for amatuers and instead I should carry her. We got repeatedly assaulted by the creepiest person in there. Jake's uncanny gaydar went off. Sarah made me do the worm. No tactics perfect I suppose. Award for the stangest moment of the night goes to Min, who actually took me to the library.

Last night was entertaining, There was liberal abuse of each other's social network acounts, Chicken, Coffeecake, and the Oily bed incident. I'm off to York in a couple of weeks for a couple of nights. I'm glad it's with Tash.

*clearly an exaggeration, get over it you prick.

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